I am really surprised that I have the confidence to put these up but I decided that I simply had to share them because of what I learned while doing this activity today.

I went climbing for the very first time today since I was 14 and much more fit. I was really nervous because I knew that my size would be a directly influencing factor in this exercise and it really scared me. Especially because I knew there would be a lot of very physically fit, slim, athletic people there who would be a lot better at climbing than I was. 

I almost didn’t go because of the thought of looking terrible, bigger than everyone else and being totally out of my depth, ability wise. 

The thing was though… Yes, I was the biggest girl there. And yes, I wasn’t exactly at the top of all the walls and you know what? I did feel kinda big at first and like I wasn’t meant to be there….

But then something awesome happened. I stopped caring that I was the curviest person there. I stopped focusing on what I couldn’t do and I really put effort into doing what I COULD do (I was really proud of myself for being able to get to the top of the beginner wall (first picture)). I really pushed myself and soon realised that I was meant to be there just as much as anyone else was. And I didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought about how I looked! And the end result? I had an AWESOME time. I’m going back next week. 

To everyone out there, regardless of your ability, size, shape, confidence levels, mental health, background, stage of your journey to health or ANY thing else, if you see this post please, PLEASE don’t be held back from doing an activity by your fear of the unknown or the fear of not fitting in or by worrying about what people will think of you if you do.

I can pretty much GUARANTEE that if you give something a go, your experience will never be as bad as you think it will be and, if you’re anything like me, you might just start to have fun. 

I hope these pictures might inspire some people to try new things that they’re worried about or at the very least, that this post helps people know they’re not alone in their fears. 

How about you guys let me know if you decide to try something new? I’d love to hear from you about your new experiences.

Loads of love guys, 

Poppybird20 xxx